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Do you have what it takes to be a Paparazzi for Business?

The Paparazzi for Business is a team of geniuses that bring life to advertising. The team connects with business owners with the community through graphic ads and video.

All you need is the willingness to succeed, a smartphone/camera, a selfie stick/tripod, social/organizational skills and be professional.

Work from home. Be your own boss. Residual income. Weekly pay.

Promote Your Business

Home of the Paparazzi For Business. We will treat you like a celebrity. When you place your ad, one of our independent photographers will take photos and video of your business and create a short video to help your business presence.  This is a fun way to bring a BUZZ and excitement to your doors.

-Find a Paparazzi team member near you.
-Place your ad.
-Schedule your video.


What's the BUZZ?

Paparazzi for Business Monthly is the BUZZ. Table Talk Adventures has designed a national magazine that features local businesses.

We have extraordinary reach with business owners and consumers looking for a bargain. Designed to complement advertising, we have included articles, puzzles, contests and interviews. Topics will include marketing, money saving ideas, quest blogs and much more.

Paired with your ad, we will create a video for your business that will be shared to social media such as YouTube and Facebook.

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